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[ Wednesday, August 24, 2005 ]

I am programmed to obey my Master's commands
Starbuck [18:51] Comments: 0 []
I'm doing requests on this blog now... I'm getting as bad as DJ Spoony. This from Co-editor Stu:

Get this on VSX NOW!!! I can't at present. K9 back! Reference to K9&Co, extremely terrifying programme! Cybermen in new series!!!

It almost makes me want to catch up on what I missed from this series.

20:00 UPDATE Which brings me neatly to this quiz, as seen round Billy's. I'm the annoying one with the flute.
The Second Doctor
You are the Second Doctor: Affable, impish, and
fond of simple pleasures as well as simple
pranks. Your mischievous exterior camouflages a
powerful mind and a great deal of courage.
Although you care nothing for appearances, you
place a high value on the bonds of true and
lasting friendship.

Which Incarnation of the Doctor Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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