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[ Friday, October 28, 2005 ]

And there's more...
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Okay, here goes...


Kasabian So Starbuck got Jesu and I got Kasabian by way of reciprocity. I still reckon they?re mediocre baggy copyists, but I can get through it without eating my own tongue. That?s the level of enthusiasm I have for it. I HATE those lyrics about making a "getaway through a punched up mirror" - what's that all about? Get back to the Dungeons and Dragons boys.

Franz Ferdinand Good, up there with the first; more accomplished but sounds a bit less new (in a done-before-new way) than that. Because everyone else copies them now, presumably.

Grandaddy EP A tide-you-over before the next LP proper, and damn fine it is too. They are sounding more and more like themselves as they go on though. Instead of this, I urge everyone to buy "Under a Western Freeway" which is dead old and so bound to be cheap now. The best American lo-fi band ever (after Pavement).

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club My contender for second best album of the year (after Arcade Fire, but you knew that). Completely brilliant. Sounded like a huge change of direction on first listen (country twang, rather than JAMC feedback) but if you listen to one and three back to back (on an ipod or similar device, having not bought number 2, on the way to work - just say) then you can hear that it was there all the time, lurking.

I have done an awful lot of cinema recently (by my standards anyhow) so have a lot to report...

Wallace and Gromit Controversially NOT the greatest film ever made, I did NOT howl with laughter throughout and I was NOT so completely bowled over by its wit and charm to make me lose all objective critical faculties. Sorry about that. Still great though, with some ace movie skits throughout.

Bombon (El Perro) Very good, charming, nice, little film. The one with the white dog, as SB has mentioned before. The ads seemed to suggest a "me and my dog" road movie and it isn't really like that at all. Populated by some fairly unsavoury characters that are difficult to have sympathy with, but good nonetheless. Sad and funny.

Innocence A pretty weird and disturbing French film about life in a girl's boarding school. And not disturbing in a good way. I came out feeling rather perturbed, mostly because of voyeuristic style in which the girls were filmed. Really not sure about this one at all. "Creepy" would suffice to describe it.

A History of Violence No messing on this one. Easily the best film of this year. If you haven't seen it DO NOT READ ANYTHING about it ? I read stuff after I saw it that would have ruined it all. Reading reviews is very dangerous (a bit like when I read a review which told me what happens at the end of Don't Look Now - gahhh!!!) Anyway, brilliant performances, quite literally an exploration of violence as an infectious disease, if you will. A strange pace and structure which made it all the better. Intense, brutal, funny and tragic. The final scene alone deserves Oscars all round. Can you tell I liked it? I came out loving cinema, absolutely loving it. That doesn't happen very often.

That's it for now, and I've missed the London Film Festival films I have seen as to drone on about those is too much like disappearing up my own behind. ALTHOUGH I am going to see Mirrormask on Sunday, which could be worthy of a write up.

Ta ra!!!

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Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at October 30, 2005 9:30 pm  :

History Of Violence (or A Brief History Of Violence as I always miscall it)... I so badly want to see this (and will try my best to see it when it hits my local arts centre)

Loads of films that look like essential Powersurge viewing (including Bombon (El Perro) end up being shown there, and I missing pretty much every damn one.

Still, made sure I pre-booked tickets for Howl's Moving Castle a good few months ahead - very much looking forward to that one.

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