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[ Monday, January 16, 2006 ]

Norton Shistem Works. Doesn't.
Starbuck [21:35] Comments: 2 []
Fucking Symantec. Fucking pre-installed OEM software. Norton Internet Security 2005 to be precise.

Whilst round my parents last night, I got so frustrated with NIS preventing installation of Google Earth and Firefox (either separately or as part of the Google Pack) that I thought sod it, I won't further stall uninstalling the bloated piece of shiteware. The firewall was working so well that it wouldn't let me see the programmes, and the Integrator would crash every bleedin' time I tried to add the executables. Or something.

And then the bastard broken thing failed to remove itself.

I know I've ranted about this several times before, but to put it in context:

It's as if the majority of those learning to drive are given by default the free use of a rusty old Robin Reliant to get to grips with driving. Upon passing their test they will be allowed to keep it for a few months, despite it having a wrought iron anchor tied to the car's frame scraping along behind. Oh, and the electrics manage to cut out every journey, the mirrors are distorted, and there's a pissed-off gorilla on the back-seat.

Not forgetting that all other car's are far superior "stealth" cars like in Die Another Day or Street Fighter The Movie (but not so boat-like) so you can't see what you're missing. But after a few months, the angry scary gorilla starts demanding money, threatening to rip the doors off and allow in the hungry malarial mosquitos (did I mention the hungry malarial mosquitos?)

And since the motoring industry wanted was in the pocket of the gorilla (do gorilla's have pockets) they have kept secret the fact that DaimlerChrysler are willing to hand out freebie Dodge Vipers willy-nilly to anyone who asks.

Yes, that's exactly what it's like.

Anyway, I'm double-angry now, having wasted all this time writing about it. There's changes afoot Chez Starbuck after all...

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Comment by Blogger Astolath, at January 17, 2006 2:40 pm  :

All the Norton and McAfee 'security' suites seem to cause more problems than they solve.

If they've got NTL internet, they give away a free AV package on their website. Personally, I recommend the freebie Antivir or AVG software and the Zone Alarm or Kerio firewall progs. You probably know all this already, but none of these seem to slow the system down as much and are just as good as the commercial packages.

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at January 17, 2006 9:55 pm  :

Thank the Lord for the Norton Removal Tool "SymNRT" - got the godforsaken travesty off the machine at last. Stands to reason that if Symantec make trojan removers they had to make a removal application for their own piece of malware...

My dad's now safely hiding free of charge behind ZoneAlarm, AntiVir, Spybot S&D, AdAware & the rest.

I've been very keen on AntiVir & its much more usable on broadband than on my own dial-up (though isn't everything). The only thing I'd change though... "LUKE FILEWALKER"...!!!

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