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[ Monday, February 13, 2006 ]

Tears, beers and tobogganeers
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Well, we've finally handed the keys for our old place back to the landlords. We spent some time alone in the property before their scheduled arrival time, ostensibly to do some last-minute cleaning, but in reality to wander through the property's empty shell and to "say goodbye".

A strange feeling - I found myself welling up with tears. We're going to miss that little place. Despite it's many drawbacks, it was good to us. And seeing it empty of our clutter, walls scrubbed clean, it was like the first time that we met (i.e. the two Powersurges with the property)... Anyway, I took a load of photos on Mrs P's phone as keepsakes.

Christ, I think need to get our more.

Talking of which, this weekend we checked out some of the "local amenities" in our new neighbourhood. OK, we checked out the nearest pub & chip shop.

Not ideal: The chippie was closing when we got to it - NINE-THIRTY ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! Still, they offered to warm us up a pie. A pie on its own. Brilliant.

Much better: Our local pub does a very nice beer, Slaughterhouse Hog Mix Special (ABV 4.3%), a "light brown blended bitter". Like all the best ales it goes straight down to your silly! Great stuff.

Good first impressions of the local, too. Although its one of those places which you'd definitely think not just twice but thrice about going into if you could actually see in through the windows, it had a good, utterly unpretentious atmosphere. Best of all they were playing some seriously spaced-out dub (makes you wonder what they were putting in the Hog Mix Special).

Towards the end of the evening, Mrs Powersurge was nobly getting some drinks in at the bar when she managed to convince one of the locals that she was a seasoned bobsled rider. Accidentally. Well, bobsledding, tobogganing, its the almost the same, isn't it?

No, it isn't, judging by these two webgames: the Candystand Online Bobsled Game is just shod. Possibly because I'm useless at it, and possibly even more so because the "death" sequence is really starting to grate.

Much better is Toboggan Jump!# Fairly amusing with sound (don't skip the intros), even if, as per usual, I'm shite at it!
# Thanks to Darren Barefoot's blog for the link. Go visit - its much better than this one!

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