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[ Wednesday, March 15, 2006 ]

Referral refuse
Starbuck [20:09] Comments: 0 []
Ahh, how I've missed checking my Site Meter. OK OK, I know it's cheap and cheerful blogging fodder, but here's a few of my favourite referral search engine terms ending up on VSX from over the last couple of days.
WARNING The editor is not responsible for any offense caused by any blasphemous or badly-spelt sexualy explocit search terms used to reach this site.
unstoppable pilonidal cyst
obsessive compulsive deodorant application
dead skin behind ears
wesley two scoops berry (always popular with the searchers)
dylan moran wife (gaining popularity amongst the ladies)
craig mclaughlin hey mona (another hot topic on the rise)
sucking pennis video movies to watch now (shurely shome mishtake?)
what bobsledding was like a long time ago
soulwax sandwishes (a capella) lyrics
vomiting into the gaping anus of christ (oops!)

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