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[ Friday, February 24, 2006 ]

Google Page Creator
Starbuck [16:57] Comments: 0 []
Google Page Creator - one step closer to a comprehensive Ajax-powered broswer-based Web2.0 office suite. Or something.

Still, what's the big news? Search Engine Watch predicted this back on April 1st 2002 ("New GoogleStocks and GooglePages web building feature unveiled..."). Oh, erm, yes. April Fools Day. (But wasn't Gmail first announced on an April Fools Day?)

Epilogue: This post was brought to you specifically to rile my co-editor Stuart. To quote a recent email...
Good old touchy feely non-corporate, bean bag sitting, lava lamp lighting, anti-capitalist Google.

You are such Googapologist. Your blog is sickening in its consistent justification of them.
Awooga, Stusey Bear!

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