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[ Thursday, August 31, 2006 ]

Durm Chamine - the Funky Drum Machine
Starbuck [18:06] Comments: 0 []
Boom bap baboom-boom bap

Yo! Durm Chamine here, fourth member of the original Viper Squad X, and the only one of us with the god-given right to say "biddi-biddi-biddi". With the VSX_SP module stuck in run-time execution hell, I've spotted ma chance to crack in on Starbuck's profile.

I was going to pass myself off as Mr Powersurge - "Hello, my name's Starbuck, and I'm an annashamed kidult who wishes he was Dr Who. Will you be my friend?"

But nah, that'd make me just as big a sucker as that Bluefaced Bugger. And you don't want that, boyeee.

What ole' Starbie has been kinda neglecting on this site is drums. I mean, he's never even asked of his readership what their fave'rit drum patterns are. C'mon, just what sortofa halfarsed blog is this? I guess he thinks that since his readership is strictly "limited" ('Buck calls them "executive"), he'd not be expectin much of a response from you lot, and there's nothing Powersurge hates more than lookin like a damn fool.

But hell, who cares what that loser thinks. Let me start the ball rollin'. (Breath in now breath out, Hands up now hands down, Back up back up, Tell me what you're gonna do now, Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'. Like.)

Durm Charmine's fave drum loop of all time is:
Funky Drummer (lifted off some old James Brown trakk)
'Spesh if its got a "whooo wheyyyy" sampled all over it. It's THE BEST!

Nice work, Clyde Stubblefield. Not only have you got the best rhythm break in recorded history (and remember, I come from way beyond each of your life spans), but you've got the best name as well!

Laters, droogs. Unless I droog you first.

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