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[ Thursday, September 07, 2006 ]

Starbuck Powersurge back in business
Starbuck [10:53] Comments: 1 []
With a little gentle persuasion I've wrested control of my Blogger Profile back from Durm Chamine, my old AI pal and Viper Squad colleague.

Le informazioni sulla mia posizione recente possono essere stampate a tempo debito.

So with Starbuck back online its business as usual, with a little bit of politics and a little bit of humour cleverly wrapped up within a tidy parcel of pop culture. i.e. a very pooer Arnold Schwarzenegger joke.
Q: In his role as Governor of California, why has Arnie been urging the Western Governor's Association to take regional action against global warming?

A: Because he's concerned about RED state HEAT.

[Reader's voice: Come back Durm, all is forgiven!]

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Comment by Blogger Love Kpop, at February 01, 2018 4:07 am  :

I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit

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