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[ Wednesday, February 14, 2007 ]

My Bloody Valentine
Starbuck [10:30] Comments: 2 []

Hurrah! It's Valentines Day today, and although the troposphere around Starbuck's world is always bathed in love, that emotion is very much in the air right now.

As exemplified by my internal jukebox.

"I think I'm in love, I think I'm in love" repeated in a glorious gospel stlye (although "think" is very much underplaying it, Mrs Powersurge, if you're reading this!).

Yes, I've got Spiritualized's wonderful "I Think I'm In Love" stuck in my head, which tends to rattle around at good times.

Ah, a such beautiful, uplifting, joyous song. Let's look up the lyrics shall we...

Sun so bright that I’m nearly blind
Cool cos I’m wired and I’m out of my mind
Warms the dope running down my spine
But I don’t care ’bout you and I’ve got nothing to do
Free as the warmth in the air that I breathe
Even freer than dmt
Feel the warmth of the sun in me
But I don’t care ’bout you and I’ve got nothing to do
Love in the middle of the afternoon
Just me, my spike in my arm and my spoon
Feel the warmth of the sun in the room
But I don’t care ’bout you
And I’ve got nothin’

I think I’m in love
Probably just hungry
I think I’m your friend
Probably just lonely
I think you got me in a spin now
Probably just turning
I think I’m a fool for you babe
Probably just yearning
I think I can rock and rool
Probably just twisting
I think I wanna tell the world
Probably ain’t listening
Come on

I think I can fly
Probably just falling
I think I’m the life and soul
Probably just snorting
I think I can hit the mark
Probably just aiming
I think my name is on your lips
Probably complaining
I think I have caught it bad
Probably contagious
I think I’m a winner baby
Probably las vegas
Come on

I think I’m alive
Probably just breathing
I think you stole my heart now baby
Probably just thieving
I think I’m on fire
Probably just smoking
I think that you’re my dream girl
Probably just dreaming
I think I’m the best babe
Probably like all the rest
I think that I could be your man
Probably just think you can
Come on

I think I’m in love

Erm... yes. Ahem. Somehow, in all of those hundreds of listens, I hadn't cottoned on to the exact nature of the song's subject matter. Oh no, my wife's gonna kill me... I've only gorn and accidentally endorsed the mainlining of hard drugs on this, the most saintly of Saints days traditionally dedicated to the celebration of the love of our sweethearts! Needles... ugh!

Harumph. That's put me right off "romancing" for one day... Sorry Mrs P, if you're wanting a portion of Starbuck this Valentine's Day then you're right out of luck. I'd be put right off my stroke!

2 Comment(s):

Comment by Blogger Ron Lyre, at February 14, 2007 8:53 pm  :

Ugh, all this lovey stuff. I liked you better when you were near suicidal a few posts ago

Comment by Blogger Starbuck, at February 15, 2007 10:20 am  :

Tee hee!

I even make myself gag...

("A man walked into a bar... ouch" etc)

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