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[ Friday, February 09, 2007 ]

Sledge Hammer
Starbuck [17:08] Comments: 0 []

It's still snowing. It's sledge weather. Yay!

But its dark, and I'm inside anyway. And I don't own a sledge. Boo!

So, what better way of satiating my tobogganing urges, than to revisit webtoy extraordinaire . Bliss... can't wait for the DS version.

Such a simple game, but it can be breathtaking experience watching a good designer (not like myself) in action. Like this one, for example...

Not sure if the Bloc Party soundtrack best suits it though. For some reason, when I'm playing my internal jukebox fills up with James Hewitt and Rebecca Loos' execrable Celeb X Factor performance of "Baby It's Cold Outside". So you might want to mute the above, and shove the one below on instead... (but make sure you fastforward past all of the horrible Cowell-Osborne bollox to get to the song itself...)

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