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[ Saturday, March 03, 2007 ]

Tim Minchin review
Starbuck [22:41] Comments: 0 []

It's always doubly exciting (if these things can be so measured) when you book up to go see a comedian you've not heard of, only to come out raving that (s)he was the most entertaining live act you've ever seen. That was the case when myself and Mrs Powersurge went to see Tim Minchin last week.

I've got to admit that my critical opinions on culture as writ here are often a little overenthusiastic, as I get carried away on the crest of excited fervor. However Mrs P was equally smitten by this musical maestro and comedic virtuoso (she stayed fully awake throughout, a claim that Rich Hall and Omid Djalili can't boast).

Anyway, just for the record, here's my review notes as scribed post-gig:
Remarkable. Like Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Elton John, Griff Rhyss Jones, Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Stewart Lee, ?Hugh Laurie?, but Australian. Extremely talented, musically gifted, very funny, and like me, so fucking rock. Not Richard Digance.
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