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[ Friday, August 15, 2003 ]

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Well here we are. With one day to go, my time in London is now virtually complete. On an infinite timescale I wouldn't have the chance to experience everything it has to offer. However the two years that I've spent here have given me something that will hopefully last for the rest of my own personal timeline. They have shown me that, if I'm ever feeling bogged down in the mire of life, I can climb my way back to steady ground. They have shown me how I should experience life, to dwell in the beauty of my surroundings, to soak up every droplet of the love of my friends, and to appreciate my time with my family. They have given me a real sense of importance - in this big old city of mine, I feel equality with mostly everyone, whatever their social standing. And they have given me the self-confidence to appreciate myself fully, without which I wouldn't have found the love of my life, ironically the reason for my imminent departure.

Enough introspection, bored reader(s). Here's my top 12 London thingeys (in no particular order). I'm not including the obvious personal stuff - the friendships I have, my Perfect Flatmate/Landlady, etc. Just other stuff.

1 - The public transport system - I know people knock it, but I've been to no other place in Britain where its as easy to get around. The buses are regular, their routes prolific. The Tubes allow thought-free journeys, essential for those midnight drunken moments when you need the beer-compass to get you home. And there's the trains to fill the gap. So wherever you work, it's never a chore meeting up with your mates after work.
2 - The weather - several degrees warmer than the rest of the UK - nice!
3 - The architecture - so many palacial buildings (as well as the palaces).
4 - You are never far from a park, and some of the Royal Parks are so expansive, you might as well be deep in the countryside. All very different in style and atmosphere.
5 - Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (the intimate cellar bar). As some bloke said on this site, "best pub in London". I agree. And the cheapest!
6 - The view from Waterloo Bridge - the skyline from the Thames is incredible. Especially when bathed in night-time illumination.
7 - Sitting at the front on the top deck of a double decker bus, drinking in all these views.
8 - The view from the top of Richmond Hill - on a clear day, the best view in London.
9 - The South Bank. Vibrant and attractive.
10 - There's always so much going on. It's so easy to catch a show (not that I do), and there's so many cinemas your never stuck with the choice of watching one blockbuster or another.
11 - Walking around the centre, you never cease to uncover new hidden gems (gardens, statues and the like, historic "stuff", and best of all, nice boozers.)
12 - There is no twelve. Insert favourite attraction or activity here.

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