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[ Tuesday, September 23, 2003 ]

Dreaming in digital
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Reading this post from Iron Monkey, I know exactly how Tom feels. Much to my girlfriend's chagrin, I'm constantly wanting to explore, wanting to look round every corner, to look at everything that exists, just in case there's something important I've missed. With my shotgun.

Quoting Tom:

I've been playing video games so long . . .

. . . when I see the words "Solid State" I misread it as "Solid Snake."

. . . I think of real-world objects as having a "high polygon count."

. . . when I walk into a room I look for a "save point."

. . . whenever I see boxes or barrels I want to smash them open for the power-ups inside.

. . . it bothers me that most real coins are silver, not gold.

. . . objects in the real world seem to travel much too slowly.

. . . when I get a performance review at work, I keep expecting to hear that I have "levelled up."

. . . I expect all stores to buy my old items back from me . . . even if it's not the store I bought them from.

. . . when I find something I'm looking for, I'm disappointed when the act of discovering it doesn't make a sound.

. . . I find it disorienting to drive with my point-of-view inside my car.

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