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[ Monday, September 22, 2003 ]

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Not wanting to sound like some shyster radio DJ like Dave "Roll Another Fat One" Pearce or something, I must send a big belated shout out to a blog which'd (sort of) shouted me out recently. SHOUT!

And a big polite hello as well to Astolath of fame, who's not only got a much better name than me, but his blog looks a hell of a lot better than mine ("hell" - geddit? Ahem.), despite VSX's flash new look; the bastid writes better than me as well.

Talking of cyber-satans, Fat from my first band, Dieticians Featuring Fat, also went by the moniker Natas. And we used to obsessively play Doom for dangerously long sessions. Which left me seeing cyber-satans in real life. Which was nice. But not entirely interesting for you to read about.

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