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[ Friday, September 19, 2003 ]

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I was just lieing in bed, thinking about web games. No, the truth be told, I was thinking about Tsunami 2010, which I've not been able to play for a while, since my dad's PC can't handle it without inducing "Pokemon cartoon"-style epileptic fits.

But that got me thinking about web games, and how I once had oodles of time to waste on such things, even when I'd started downloading more sophisticated stand-alone apps.

Harking back to the joys of discovering Junkbot, sceptical about something that was part of the Lego website, but revealing itself to be my most addictive puzzler since Lemmings...

And the hours of old-school blasting reliving my youth on the Shockwave site playing Defender, all those years ago. Not to mention the horribly addictive InkLink.

And, although it's not a game as such, the wonderfully fluid, wire-frame world of Sodaplay - create your potential organism, and set it loose in the mathematical Java aquarium, constrained (or set free) with the physics of your choosing. So compelling. A stunning, bafta-winning time-waster, as their PR might say. Feel Good to be God. And don't let natural selection get you down.

And now that I've just newly stumbled across some good directories of webgames, I'm hoping that I haven't reignited my addiction to browser-based freebasing...

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