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[ Monday, September 15, 2003 ]

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Judging by the referrals that I've been receiving from Google et al since writing about my struggle to overcome some problems with the updated Windows Update site, there must be a fair few people who're in the same boat. People looking for help with their corrupted files, people like me who don't know their ansi from their elbow, whose authenticode signature's aren't that authentic, whose ActiveX ain't that active. Poor sods. In the words of Peter Gabriel, or was it Kate Bush, don't give up. Cos you have links.

Still, along with a recent influx of people of a Parkouristic bent looking for Jump London downloads, it makes a refreshing change from the usual lot searching for Jingling Jimmy Saville wav downloads, Adaware 6.181 cracks, links to the David Blaine webcam, or the lyrics to "We're All Going To The Zoo Tomorrow" (note to those in the latter camp - don't bother. Think about it. Its simple. I mean, c'mon, the only words in the first verse are "We're all going to the zoo tomorrow", ferchrissake!)

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