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[ Monday, October 27, 2003 ]

Quick thoughts
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Gotta spew out a few thoughts, but I'm gonna keep it quick, as I've dropped in on a parental computer terminal on the way home, and I'm desperate to get back for dinner. (My folks are torturing me with a lovely-smelling Sunday roast. The day after Sunday.)

The move went well - suprisingly well. Things shouldn't go this smoothly in life - its just not right. I've been thinking of loads of stuff to blog about; however, not having a PC handy has kind of hindered that a tad. I should start writing everything down on parchment, to transfer into the electronic medium at a later date.

What I wanted to write about today was what I've been doing whilst lieing in our (inflatable) bed the last 2 nights. However, time is running short, and this bedroom activity will continue unhindered as far as I can tell, so I'll update y'all on it some other time.

Just don't get yer hopes up, you filthy net perverts (and you ALL are, all of you - just being on the internet means that, even if you don't do anything about it, you ARE a SICK and TWISTED individual, even if you don't know it.)

No, calm down. There's no bodily fluids involved. Its all nice and innocent, and I could have written about it in the time that I've wasted on the last 3 paragraphs, but time's getting even shorter now...

Must go - need food. I'm glad I've got a slight "poo-shoe" thing going on, which is putting my gastric juices off a bit (no solid residue, I must point out - a dog tainted my other set of shoe's with his faecal deposits, and I think I've picked up some stray molecules off my car's accelerator pedal. Nice!)

But, yeah, I also wanted to say, in response to Tim's flash mob rant, I disagree, but I've actually never been on one, let alone seen one, PTOTOOT notwithstanding some 10 years ago (note to all but sub-editors: don't bother. You won't understand. I guess now it'd look like a flash mob. But we all sort of new each other, in a "wacky" University society styley.) So I'm hardly in a position to comment. And, to be fair, Tam's experience seemed pretty hollow. (I guess it must be like the difference between seeing in person the stunts on Trigger Happy TV before, and after, Dom Joly became famous. When you can't be expecting it, its fantastic. When its more routine, its over.)

I certainly enjoyed my experience as a flashblog victim, though.

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