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[ Monday, November 24, 2003 ]

Music made easy
Starbuck [21:04] Comments: 0 []
Thanks to the genius of Erik Bunger's Let Them Sing It For You, I've been able to re-record a number of seminal Viper Squad Ten and Dieticians Featuring Fat songs. Oh, what joy to hear our own lyrics performed by a veritable Live-Aid-studio's worth of artists. To be covered by the stars that make up the very firmament of the rock world. Albeit one word at a time.

Unfortunately, timeless VSX classic Fat City Arizona doesn't work too well, as the assembled rock gods don't seem to have learnt some of the more essential words as yet (Arizona, mare, pong, shunt, etc). The idiots. I've been adding lots of inappropriate heavy metal lyrics to their database of words, like the git that I am, so hopefully we'll soon be able to get the entire VSX canon on the internet.

Rather good fun, all the same, although the mishmash of vocals currently singing "So Here It Is Merry Christmas Everybody's Having Fun" are proving even mind-bludgeoning to my sanity than Slade's highly toxic original. I think I'll use it as therapy to build up my tolerance in the run-up to christmas.

(Credits - LINK supplied by Memepool, purveyor of quality links.)

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