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[ Sunday, November 23, 2003 ]

Site update
Starbuck [23:35] Comments: 0 []
OK troops, just in case any of you were desperately upset that the real-life bullet-time link posted HERE hasn't been working, its now been updated. It doesn't make it any funnier, however...

Also, lots more Pan3Sixy images available HERE, including the lavverly Kenilworth Castle, where I was bought up, by knights. If I was to be unduly harsh, I'd say that some of the vistas make you feel like your stuck in a Playstation-One texture cube, but as that would be unnecessarily untruthful of me, I'll instead say that, on the whole, its a very nice idea/gimmick for those web-site moments when a normal jpg'd be just a tad too dull. More of the net will be done like this in the future. And I should know.

It's scary though, as your cursor drifts across some sitting-duck person in an image, that you find yourself desperately trying to shoot seven shades out of the hapless piece of frag-bait. Or maybe that's just me. I crave unnecessarily bloody interactivity with my websites.

Yawn! Bed-time for Bonzo, I think. I'm rambling like a Rambling Man.

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