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[ Sunday, November 09, 2003 ]

Geeky Matrix observations and that
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In relation to DJ Tim's comments about Sentinels not being able to penetrate the clouds, thus scuppering my solar-panelled tower idea, I'd not really thought about that, being a man with much more pressing concerns (such as world peace, rebuilding my time-machine, reforming the band, little things like that). But fair point - a hell of a lot of electro-magnetic radiation going on in the electric storms, which must be a bit of a bugger for them. But then, as detailed in that wonderful Matrix short-story Goliath, they could create a ship that can go through our atmosphere and beyond (even if they put a human in the thing...)

That's all by the by, anyway.

And if my former fellow Radio Redland DJ wants to spoiler away, just go ahead. I'm selfish. (Though if you were feeling kind, and clever, you might want to match the text font colour with the background colour, and demand that anyone wanting to read your ramblings presses CONTROL-A or something to highlight them... I couldn't be arsed with all that yesterday, as my extended family were due to turn up yesterday mid-blog to fix the nearly-lethal-shower - "yup, that's fried all right", at the same time as the electrician was due round to have tea and biscuits, or something like that.)

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