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[ Saturday, November 08, 2003 ]

The Matrix Revolutions review - CONTAINS SPOILERS
Starbuck [13:31] Comments: 0 []
My thoughts on Matrix Revolutions - it blew me away. I must see it again, I'm desperate to see it again, as these things need multiple viewing, but here's my initial thoughts.

If I did feel any smidgeon of initial disappointment, it was that it didn't explicitly answer the questions that Reloaded had tossed into the ring. However, having lived with it for a couple of days now, I don't see this as a drawback, more of a strength, as I continue to attempt to resolve the threads that Reloaded has spun. And as I remember the fantastic emotions that I felt as I watched it.

I'm not going to class it as better or worse than other parts of the trilogy. It was an integral part.

The look of the film itself was stunning; the Sentinels attack on Zion, heroically defended by Gears (the Japanese must have been wetting themselves!), was simply incredible - the most retina-searingly use of CGI that I have ever seen, and very imaginative CGI at that.

Stylistically, Revolutions was the darkness to Reloaded's light; whereas the latter was brightly lit, its action set pieces swamped in "our-world" daylight and backed up by throbbing techno, the world of Revolutions was dark. Apart from the end scene, I recall only the one brief moment of sunlight, that being the moment when Neo and Trinity glimpsed the real unscarred sky for the first time. I guess this further compounded its beauty.

The film knew exactly what it was doing. It didn't do anything to "scare" the casual film-goer. However, for the hardcore theorists left swimming in the wake of Reloaded, it left enough ambiguity to allow the discussion to continue, and it left even more signposts, subtle and otherwise.

Personally I still don't believe the "truth" that we've been told about the Machines using us as batteries. Why not just use nuclear fusion, or fission, or build a really tall tower, coated in solar plates. The short stories have told us they can create space ships as required - why not build a geostationary satellite, many satellites, bristling with solar panels, tethered by cables to the earth below? Or would all this have been too vulnerable to attack? If they do need us for anything, its so that those machine intellectuals who are wanting to ape humanity can extract a perfect pattern of our complexities. Maybe.

And the "real world" is still virtual in my book. Its still a superset. Neo must suspect this. But all he can do is work within the framework he is given. I suppose that's all any of us can do.

I would look forward to the arrival of the inviteable DVD boxset, with the Wachowskis' revealing every single clue and reference. Then the puzzle would finally be completed.

But then, just maybe, everything that has a beginning really doesn't have an end...

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