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[ Tuesday, October 28, 2003 ]

Flash Bang Wallop
Stuart [14:00] Comments: 0 []
Can i just start by saying that i have fallen in love with Kirsty Gallacher.

Next, flash mobbing. I, like Tim, thougt it was rubbish and pointless. it certainly is not anti-anything, certainly not anti-establishment. and certainly not anti-mobile phone companies' profits. However, I now have personal experience of when it can be wonderful. Read on, intrigued reader...

Jane's Addiction (intrigued reader: "Groan...") have a flashmob thingie going on. Curious (not bi-curious, though), i texted the number on the website and waited to see what would happen. Lo and behold, on Sunday afternoon, I received a text telling me that on Monday there would be 100 signed copies of their new single in HMV on Oxford Street (for those who have not heard of it, this is a small anti-establishment Marxist record store) on Monday. And indeed, it was a flash-mobbed-text-message of much truth as i am now an owner of one copy of said signed wotnots.

I can expect more texts, apparently, and one at least will be details of a secret meeting with the band that might be all "anarchic" but will in all probability actually be a secret gig.

So, quite literally for these purposes "flash mob"="new marketing ploy" but i'd rather that than some ill conceived idealogical nonsense. I mean, i'm as anarchic as the next man, i've got No Logo (haven't read it mind) and the State We're In (gave up, was dead boring) so don't oppress me. Michael Moore's a genius though isn't he? He doesn't state the bleedin' obvious or nuffink does he? Knowledge is power, Roddick sold her soul didn't she, I mean i don't see Whatshername in a hair shirt do you, a bit of capitalism didn't do me any harm when i was a nipper, bring the tanks in i say, it's the only language they understand.


PS, the penultimate sentence of Tim's post is a rather (dare i say it) un-Christian one, is it not?

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