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[ Tuesday, November 11, 2003 ]

Local news for local people...
Starbuck [23:52] Comments: 0 []
Sometimes as an upkeeper of a blog, when you happen to check your referral stats, you get a great sense of joy when you realise what a great public service you are providing. The last couple of days, the "mass" of people looking for help on bad mshta.exe scripts and the like, as well as the omnipresent occasional person looking for the Binguan Haoyuan guesthouse in China and the never-ending interest in magicians of the Cook and Brown variety (more coming soon, Magick fans) , has been joined by a tsunami (2010-essential download here) of interest in the Jane's Addiction flashmob going on (sometime) in Covent Garden. S'just a shame that esteemed VSX Sub-Ed Stu is not in the shady realm of the internet at present, as he is our internal man on the Jane's flashmob contact list, and I am just the Dweeb to his Rude Dog, licking up every utterance he squirts against the skirting-board.

So instead, I will use this platform to big-up my favourite curry-house in Kenilworth, England - Seetar Tandoori (55 Warwick Rd), Rolf Harris' favourite local curry house (see also: Bill Maynard's gastronomic urges; and maybe Henry Cooper) - a place with excellent food and excellent service, provided by the most lovely staff. Anyone searching for "best curry house in Kenilworth, then, read my finger-lips - Coconut Lagoon may be exquisite; but only Seetar Tandoori delivers in all culinary catagories. Seetar Tandoori - the Curry House for the Stars! The Curry House for You!

(And if you tell them Uncle Starbuck sent you, I may get a free pint of Kingfisher out of it...)

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