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[ Monday, December 08, 2003 ]

Does not compute
Starbuck [20:56] Comments: 0 []
Don't you just hate computers?

You do something that they don't agree with - trying to print off a simple sheet of address labels, for example, and all hell breaks loose (last night's feast of frack-ups - for starters, the printer control program locks up, followed by a main course comprising of a nearly-endless cascade of blue screens of death, and for desserts, an insistent and urgent-sounding warning beep emanating from my mother board (a new error for the Viper Squad machine, and one that scaled new heights of PC-terror for me when it turned into a continuous tone - was this problem deeper than bleedin' windows? - you can replace broken windows, but its a hassle having to replace the wall - don't panic, don't panic! (sorry about all these nested parentheses (bad grammar, like))))

All seems OK now, several Megs worth of discarded file fragments down the line (several Megs! - what the hell has fragmented there?)

Then there's my machine at work, which decided to scrub my carefully-placed Favourites list in a hissy fit (mid crash), only to replace the links with a load of stuff (not mine) about aromatherapy (AROMATHERAPY? wtf?)

Not to mention Microsoft Word, which has been surreptitiously inserting horizontal lines into Word documents throughout my workplace which CAN'T BE REMOVED without a lucky ONE-IN-A-THOUSAND RIGHT-CLICK - not DELETE, not BACKSPACE, with or without a combination of other key-presses - no, keep on stabbing at it for 10 minutes and you might just zap it. (Eventual simple solution - Format_AutoFormat_Options_AutoFormat As You Type_UncheckThe Bastards)

But then, how can you trust a program whose spell-checker doesn't even know how to spell the word "liaise"?

Still, at least Blogger wor.K.sssssssss*^&>?^%%$$^%>$£!$\&}~@*(& ^\^%$ &:*( % ! *() (

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