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[ Saturday, December 20, 2003 ]

Starbuck [02:15] Comments: 0 []
Just thinking 'bout lurve. (Feeling calm and collected now, in a tipsy kind of way.)

In the old days when I was young, when the internet was web-less and full of gophers, people'd actually write letters. Draw pictures. Write poems. Inscribe their affections in all sorts of embarrassing ways.

Nowadays we do it with email. We throw out our emotions by text.

Its not quite the same. Whilst out "forefathers" would have created permanent little literary works of art to be boxed away and treasured, special things to be sifted through every now and then, today we might shove a bunch of files on a CD-ROM if we're lucky. Or print it off, leaving our love-letters looking like works of work.

Now I don't wanna diss the digital age, but maybe we should get back to basics a bit in this area. (By "we I mean "I").

Maybe the digital age just hasn't evolved enough for dim-wits like me to easily cast our feelings in silicon.

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