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[ Wednesday, January 21, 2004 ]

Not to be used whilst driving or operating heavy machinery
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Slotted into my car's CD player at the moment - DJ Shadow's Endtroducing. My God its good. Perfect driving music. Perfect headphone music. Perfect dinner-party music. Perfect party-party music. Perfect for all situations when you want some, erm, perfect music. (Sod it, I haven't got enough mental strength tonight to wax lyrical about this wonderful collage of wax - it deserves more justice than I can provide; there's a good chance you've got it anyway if you're a music lover, but if not, go and read some of the reviews on Amazon...)

Anyway, I take back my "perfect driving music" comment - its too immersive for that. If you're a "air-instrument" prat like me, at least. I was all over the flicking road tonight, doing my "air decks" with the steering wheel. Not good.

For something that was so built out of the layers of other artists' work (it was listed in the 2001 Guinness World Records book for First Completely Sampled Album - there's apparently more than 1000 of them!), its interesting to hear the influence its had on later stuff from David Holmes, Dust Brothers, Oil Experts, etc.

Talking of samples, I was wanting to link to a site at this point with a complete list of Endtroducing samples. But I can't. There apparently is/has been one on the net maintained by Michael "DOP" Lane, but he kept changing the URL for legal reasons, and to prevent people like me linking to it. I'm giving up, as I need to get off this machine to visit the urination station tout suite.

And, talking of Oil Experts, you probably won't have heard of them, but at one point they were the best band in Bristol (a city well-renowned for harbouring Massive Attack, Tricky, Portishead and the like). But I would say that, 'cos they were mates of mine at a place where I was working at the time. Favourite (if a little shambolic) OE moment - Pete (decks) storming off due to problems with his monitors, closely followed by Alex (vocals/samplers), leaving Ger (bass) & Nat (drums) jamming alone together for several long minutes in the desperate hope that their fellow musicians would return to save them...
Not wanting to mince my words, they were fantabulous. Fricking fantabulous.

Just remember, kids. Music is the human animal's expression of it's self-awareness. So burn those Gareth Gates CD's.

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