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[ Monday, January 19, 2004 ]

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, Hutch
Stuart [11:00] Comments: 0 []
Welcome back to comments! However, what I have to say, in response to, or by way of comment on, the last few posts may take a while, and as I have The Power to post on my own account, I thought that I should use it.

In no particular order – I have cut out the middle man, and chosen to go back to the Source as regards old games. There is a story behind this of sorts, as my betrothed, Kathryn (by way of soap-like updating for casual readers) is having an operation on her foot in a few weeks time and will have to not move from the sofa for three weeks. After much joking between ourselves about me being able to easily fill my time if I found myself in the same predicament, we hit upon the chief reason why (beyond the obvious, but too naughty to mention, activity) – that reason obviously being Playstation.

The problem is that K is not very good at games that operate within the 3 dimensional sphere. She always liked Sonic as it was 2D. While Sega have sold their souls to Nintendo and re-released all the classic Sonics for the Gamecube, they haven’t done that for PS2. So, the question was thus: do I buy K a Gamecube (rrp £70), a Gameboy Advance (rrp more) or hit Ebay and buy a megadrive II, with Sonic 2, for fifteen quid? The choice was a simple one. We now have some more black plastic under the television. If only I could now pick up a copy of (Starbuck – insert here – Galactic Troopers? Or any number of permutations on galactic, space, etc and soldier, trooper, commander, etc etc) – officially the first game I ever finished. In Starbuck’s bedroom in Bristol, ahhhh…

ANYWAY, as to the comment about teh dearth of new ideas and the question about original games; I give you Rez. Completely derivative of the old wire frame fellas, but original insofar as no one else has done it, with the attendant musicy bit. And what about Herdy Gerdy? Name some other herding games. And Britney’s Dance Beat. I rest my case.

Next subject – films. Seen two recently that have really disappointed, and not lived up to (in my mind at least) the hype heaped upon them – Igby Goes Down, and Buffalo Soldiers. Both just okay, not nearly as good as everyone said. So there.

And then watched a film that got a small release, and sunk without much of a trace, which was great – Bandits, starring Bruce Willis (I know, but he’s good) Cate Blanchett and Billy Bob Thornton, who plays a very good hypochondriac bank robber. Well worth a watch.

As to the Faculty – I was amazed (well not amazed, surprised) to see that it was directed by Robert Rodriguez. I think the man is brilliant. Anyone who thinks the Spy Kids films are for kids, watch them and see the error of your ways. Famke Janssen – mmmm – even with a tentacley head.

Lastly, I have to share with the world the very funny poster for what promises to be the greatest film ever made -

[ Image removed ] - the Starsky & Hutch movie poster image link at has now died, goddamnit.

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