Viper Squad Ten

[ Monday, January 19, 2004 ]

# We saw shadows of the morning light, the shadows of the evening sun, til the shadows and the light were one #
Starbuck [21:38] Comments: 0 []
Everything seems so beautiful at the moment.

Last night I found myself sitting entranced in front of a large candle in the flickering near-darkness of our bedroom. I must've been squatting there, entranced, unmoving, for a good quarter of an hour. Mesmerised by that flame, filling every corner of my conciousness, I could've been a moth, hypnotised by the totality of the light source. Gazing into the crater of wax, I was lost in the surface of the sun; specks of the carbonised wick - lost fragments trapped in the perpetual cycle of convection currents - were being thrown out from the centre across the surface of the molten pool from the flame, before being pulled down and dragged back to the centre. Then extinguishing the flame, and staring, prone, up at the vaults of the heavens above.

"I prepared the room tonight with christmas lights
a city of candles
fresh sheets
we are all full of dense clouds that have a soul."

On a walk some hours earlier we took a lane that was new to us, just five minutes from the house. Without warning, we had entered another world, an expanse of unspoilt countryside, an unexpected valley protected from the town by hillside and golf course. A world dotted with pretty farm-houses and woodland spinneys, a world without proper roads, where horse-back and shanks's pony were still the main modus operandi for travellers. Time-travel is possible.

And later, the finest sunset I have ever seen, from a perfect hill-top vantage point. Deeply purple against the dark silhouette of the town, the clouds rippled above like glaciers.

As I say, everything seems so beautiful at the moment. I'd even say that I'm beautiful myself!

But nothing's beautiful compared to my girl.

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