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[ Monday, February 02, 2004 ]

#Return of the Tim, once again, return of the Tim, top of the world...#
Starbuck [21:27] Comments: 0 []
Today (yesterday) is (was) a monumentous day. For today (yesterday) is (was) the day that DJ Tim - thought to be missing in action, having fallen off the edge of the blogosphere in a drunken rage of movie-disappointment - returns (returned) to his blog co-authoring duties. Praise the Lord and all that. I was even thinking about changing the site's title to "Where is Timbo" in clever homage to Salam Pax's blog during that Raed-free times...

But it wouldn't be that clever. And it would certainly be very insular and cliquey. And crap.

But most of all, it would be going against the sheer raison d'etre of this website... to spread the word about the greatest band to have ever walked the boards of 7 Carding Close, Coventry. And on that tip, sort of, to spread the word about the greatest horror film of all time, Hormone Hell, filmed over a decade ago so by now a bonafida classic, which will soon be available to all on VHS (us now having TWO videos in the house; although one intermittently doesn't record sound - gah!) GASP! as Starbuck pole-dances to Boney M in a short skirt, tights, and a goatee. MARVEL! at the stunningly gory but inventive special effects. WHIMPER! at the sight of Starbuck's new fiancee doing product-placement for Chivers Jelly... I'll have to at least get a transcript of the entire film up on this site at some point, maybe not even on a pay-to-read basis, you lucky people.

By the way, the slightly-obscure title of this "column entry" refers to DJ Tim's rather worrying handcuff habits. Much as in the same way that you'd hate to be sat on by a drunken and over-amorous Mark Morrison brandishing his cuffs, those years in Bristol being molested by DJ Tim and La La have surely made their mark, only to return in my darkest hours...

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