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[ Sunday, February 01, 2004 ]

Snake, snow, spiral and seafood-based webgames
Starbuck [00:22] Comments: 0 []
Hello there dearies. I've been hunting the best nice'n'simple flash games on the net, so you don't have to.

Unfortunately I've failed in my task, so instead here's some so-so additions to my burgeoning roster of webgame links.

From Miniclip, I've been rather enjoying the simplistic pleasures of Snake (thankfully not the original Snake). You get an enjoyable 5 minutes, at least, manipulating a snake. As it were.

For those wanting something a bit more complicated, try Trial Bike Pro, a "real-world physics" (sort of) stunt bike "simulation". You'll learn some new skills, or you'll cry like a child.

Those of you in the northern hemisphere (living within an area containing suitable geometric conditions, of course) may have been enjoying a little bit of snow of late. To exorcise those snowball fight deathmatch tensions in a cosy warm environment, you might want to try Snowfight 3D. Or, like me, you might not, as you might not think its very good.

Instead, I've been enjoying the more cerebral pleasures of Event Horizon, a much more enjoyable state of affairs - a spinning, matching-block-removal style puzzle game (just like the film). Much better than it first appears. I've been having trouble tearing myself away.

Also on Gamescene (for Event Horizon was theirs) is Something Fishy, which I rather loved (for the 10 minutes that I played it, anyway). Little fishie avoid big fishies. Little fishie eat little fishies. Little fishie become big fishie. Big fishie die. Such is life.

There may be much more enjoyable games on these sites. But I don't want to deprive you of the fun of finding them yourself. How philanthropic. I'm not at all being motivated by laziness here...

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