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[ Friday, March 05, 2004 ]

Ding dong!
Starbuck [23:24] Comments: 0 []
So the winner of Back To Reality was.... (drum roll)... Major James Hewitt! Congratulations, sir (if on the very-off chance you are reading this.)

I must admit I've always thought of him as a bit of a git, but I guess that's the "love rat" image that the media have forged. His 3 weeks locked in the Back To Reality mansion/studios have showed him to be a lot more likeable. And in a weird fluke of timing, his win comes just as his former flame, ex-Princess of Hearts Diana Princess of Wales, is still casting major media-ripples from beyond the grave...

Being a big fan of rubbish telly, I must say that, despite its luke-warm public reception (according to the media, again), BTR has been consistently so very much better than the more-watched "reality" shows - Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity, and their ilk. Infinitely so. Its just a shame that, in the Entertainment Barrel, shit (BB) will tend to float to the surface, whilst gold (BTR) might sink like a stone. Still, I enjoy a bit of crud with my crudite.

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