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[ Friday, March 05, 2004 ]

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Hello there. Increasingly infrequently contributing contributor here.

Due to it being Friday and my having exhausted my workload and myself, I thought I should use my few moments of spare time wisely and contrbute.

I should first of all say that Shameless was indeed most good. I hadn’t seen it, so welcomed the repeat. Angels, on the other hand, was terrible and didn’t even have sufficiently attractive characters in it to hold the alpha male’s attention. Such rubbish shouldn’t be allowed.

Hustle, on the other hand, we like a lot, despite the panning it got in this edition’s Private Eye. I like a con as much a the next man (except the one in Confidence, the film, which I saw on DVD this week and which was rubbish).

Of course, all other TV programs may as well pack their bags and leave after next Thursday, when the wonderful Black Books returns to engage and enlighten us. I’m especially pleased because I resisted paying £45 to see Bill Bailey in London last year and instead have recently secured tickets to see him at the Wycombe Swan for less than £20. there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

21 Grams this weekend. I saw Infernal Affairs this week and it was, I have to say, nowhere near as good as it has been hyped to be. Some great bits, but overall “slight”. That’s my review; “slight”.

Time to crank up a bit of Appetite For Destruction to get me through these last couple of hours.

Thanks for your time. I have only spoken about imaginary things. I am playing my cards close to my chest. I shall not reveal anything of myself in this post, beyond the foregoing comments, which may in themselves reveal aspects of my character.

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