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[ Sunday, March 07, 2004 ]

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A wonderful weekend has just been spent straddling the Warwickshire/Oxfordshire border. For the Other Half's birthday treat, we stayed in the fantastic Castle Inn at the summit of Edgehill. So called, because it's a castle (well, sort of - it's a tower, like wot you find in a castle, started in 1742 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Edgehill and opened eight years later on the anniversary of Oliver Cromwell's death, history fans!), and because its an Inn (as of 1822). Do you see what they did there? (And Edgehill is on the edge of a hill. Do you see? Do you?)

Regular readers will be sick of my over-enthusiastic gushing about how beautiful places I've visited have been, so I'll reign myself in on this one. Apart from to say that the views from the hilltop (which we traversed on foot for a good hour without reaching the other "edge") were outstanding... breathtaking... etc. It felt like most of England was laid out before us just for our viewing pleasure, with the distant foothills of the Welsh Mountains peeking through the haze. And as the sun drew low in the sky, myriad shadows broke across the hillsides in the foreground, resolving the ridge and furrows of the toiled fields of yesteryear (which always "does it" for me). And to have these views from the windows of our room near the top of the main tower... stunning!

As was the Hook Norton beer. Just what you need after all that trecking through the hillside woods. Good food too. The place has even got its own ghost as well, and the fields below are swarming with the restless spirits of the fallen soldiers at the Battle of Edgehill, the first major battle of the English Civil War. Except that ghosts don't really exist, lets face it.

You can't get much more romantic than a little Cotswold-stone castle, and it receives Starbuck's Highest Recommendation. Take your bird/bloke there next weekend, and tell them I, Starbuck Powersurge, sent you. I might get a pint of Old Hooky out of it.

(Please note: if you don't live in Britain, its maybe not worth travelling halfway around the world for just a weekend. It'd probably rain.)

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