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[ Monday, April 05, 2004 ]

#I wanna Parsec you up#
Starbuck [23:25] Comments: 0 []
OK, you 'orrible lot, so The Crimson Room wasn't quite hardcore enough for you? Bit short, somewhat lacking in punch, disappointing ending, or crudely visualised? Pah, some people are never satisfied. Fair enough, though.

In that case, you hardcore lot, you deserve something alot more frenetic, packed with literally endless action, something approaching a billion on-screen sprites, some silky-smooth neon-lit retro-modern visuals, a pounding techno soundtrack. You deserve a brand new old-school shoot-em-up in the style one of Treasure's classic top-downs...

You deserve Parsec47. You'll need a Windows box, and its a 4.7 Meg download, but its fricking fragtastic! Its so hardcore that once you've got in the zone, it'll scorch a phospene glow across your retinas, and imprint its own Central Pattern Generators throughout your brain.

(Note: VSX cannot guarantee the veracity of all of the statements made relating to Parsec47)

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