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[ Tuesday, April 13, 2004 ]

"Ooh, he's got an arm off"
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Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my Bank Holiday break. And the highest of high spots was a visit to the cinema to watch Shaun Of The Dead. Very fresh and funny, in a Spaced-kind of way, as you'd expect from a film coming from the quills of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, scribes of the aforementioned Channel 4 classic, and as you'd also expect from a film starring all of the usual Spaced suspects...

In fact, it could have been a high-budget episode of Spaced (but enhanced with zombies) - until it got nasty. Well, these guys do always have reverence to the things they are referencing, whether its Robot Wars, Star Wars, or zombie wars, and as such, this one is splendidly authentic in places. God knows how it got a "15" certificate, when it is by all accounts (or by one account that I read on the net, anyway) more violent than the 18-rated "Dawn Of The Dead" - and as the tension built up towards the end, and the gore levels (and the hopelessness of the situation) went through the roof, I was getting more than a little bit nervous... as was my previously-fearless-to-zombies girlfriend, who took a few hours to recover afterwards. (But then, she did get fairly scared by Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo later on in the day, so maybe she'd got out of the scary side of the bed that morning.)

But don't be scared, boys and girls, get yourself to the cinema when/if it opens in your part of the world, and decide for yourself if dogs can't look up. Its a comedy, with some real, identifiable, likeable characters. But to paraphrase that bloke from Greece, its got chills and their multiplying. You might say it's zombie-flicking funny. But don't say the zed word. 'Cause its... ridiculous!

And Brit-com fans can fill out a whole stellar warehouse of boxes in this fun check-list chart of celebrity cameos:
Little Britain
League Of Gentlemen
Black Books (Dylan Moran doesn't count)
The Office (neither does Lucy Davis)
(bonus lucky dip!)

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Not that it's programmed to do much at present. Still, it pushes in nicely. And its the thought that counts, after all.

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