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[ Tuesday, April 06, 2004 ]

More Zombie stuff
Stuart [11:38] Comments: 0 []
Like Astolath, I was well disappointed by 28 Days Later - it was indeed Ecclestone by numbers (see my previous comment on that - see there is some consistency to my ramblings) and very derivative - chained up zombie? Day of the Dead anyone? The remake of Dawn is damn fine, by the way - recommended.

BUT the main thing is Starbuck being scared and Mrs Starbuck not being scared. This proves my oft-made point to Kathryn, who always says that for a horror lover i get very scared watching things when she doesn't - for instance (and this is a bit sad) i was round the rafters watching What Lies Beneath and she sat there calmly yawning and tutting.

I say to you - that's the WHOLE POINT! Girls (spot sweeping generalisation coming up) watch silly rom-coms to have a good boo and realise that they too might one day marry Richard Gere/Brad Pitt. Horror fans watch horror films to be scared stupid! your crying when tehy get together at the end against all the odds is OUR screaming when the car alarm goes off!

And as for Crimson Room-type games, I’m always directed to Logan's Mystery of Time of Space which is here

But i've never played it.

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