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[ Monday, April 05, 2004 ]

"rrrr krrrrkt mrrrrrr prrrrrrrnz"
Starbuck [17:50] Comments: 0 []
Not wanting to make any sweeping generalisations, what is it about the fairer sex and Zombie films? I watched 28 Days Later on DVD last night, and was utterly bricking myself. One of those films that stopped me from getting to sleep afterwards...

My girlfriend was tired last night, and was planning on having a nap on the sofa whilst I watched it. However, possibly kept awake by the high-volume screams and shrieks (coming from the speakers rather than from me, I hasten to add), she ended up watching, and enjoying, the film in its entirety. AND SHE WASN'T AT ALL SCARED! (Apart from the eye-gouging scene.)

I would put this down to it just being me being a lilly-livered wuss, but I got an email from Fat from the Dieticians the other day - he'd been to see the Dawn of the Dead remake with his girlfriend. She found it funny, because "she doesn't believe in zombies", he found it terrifying, and it gave him nightmares (though so did Jurassic Park when that first came out, I seem to remember, the big Elvis-impersonating wimp!)

So its not just me being a chicken-shet, then. My in-depth survey covering a representative cross-section of the world's population (i.e. me in the UK, him currently in the US) can confirm it - men are scared of zombie films, women are afraid of getting things in their eyes. QED.

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