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[ Wednesday, May 05, 2004 ]

Dirty Den
Starbuck [20:42] Comments: 0 []
The British tabloids are having a feeding frenzy at the moment over news that Fort Boyard star Leslie Grantham flashed his "manhood" (an archetypal tabloid word, there) at some "old boilers" using his webcam whilst "pleasuring himself" (very tabloid) and berating his EastEnders co-stars (though, to be fair, calling Jessie "Kat Slater" Wallace a "vile dog", Shane Richie "big-headed and self-infatuated", and Wendy Richard a "wanker" probably isn't too libellous.)

All in all, a fairly tawdry business for the Biggest Name In British Soap.

But I do fear that the papers have blown it all a bit out of proportion. I mean, its not as if he's gone and murdered someone.

No, wait - I take that back; I'd forgotten about that ill-fated taxi driver...

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