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[ Friday, May 28, 2004 ]

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It's no suprise that more people don't bother taking advantage of the web to allow one to express oneself freely, what with all the deceitful tykes that are out there.

Not so long ago Harriet reported on discovering that someone had copied her rather lovely blog In The Aquarium.

And just now I've just read that dyslexic readers of Jen's Inside My Head run the risk of being shunted to a scarily-hardcore Christian site if they type blogpsot instead of blogspot in the URL.

In fact, I've just tried it on VSX's address as well. Damn them, my mispelled URL heads to "Aaron's Bible" as well, the scum-suckers! There should be some rule against this sort of shit. It makes me angry. I have the exact opposite beliefs to these (in my humble opinion) brain-washed nutters, and I resent the fact that a mistyping of the word blospot is being used to trap the vulnerable. And I resent the fact that this MADNESS shapes our foreign policy by association with America. If the end of the world is nigh, its these guys that are bringing it on...

Remember, non-evangelists. Evangelise against the evangelists. Society belongs to mankind - don't let the tooth fairy knock your teeth in. (And to my evangelist friends, don't worry, I'm just acting as counterweight to help people test their faith - think of me as your fulcrum. There, hopefully covered that - I don't want to ruin any friendships, now!)

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