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[ Monday, May 24, 2004 ]

Web game roundup
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The VSX website has of late been suffering somewhat from the neglect of necessity, as other areas of my life have impinged on its virtual space. And once again tonight, the timeline available is short. In fact, in the words of Tyler Durden, "on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero"; this is something that the wine-muddied waters of my thoughts would have had me believe is relevant to this paragraph right now, that is until I read back to my previous sentence. Ooomph!

I think the only thing that can rescue this website from oblivion is a quick reminder of those lovely web-game links that are sitting in the side-bar over to - wait for it - the side of the screen.

Junkbot - will leave you addicted like a crack-addicted lego Lemming.
Sodaplay - organic vector physics web toy. Not a game.
Orisinal - an assortment of java games. Sweeter than the sweetest sweet. No liquorice.
Playerthree - diretory; includes the spermy one.
Psychopong - Pong for masochists
3D Pong - Ditto, but less Pongy, more pongey.
Grow - wtf?
A Break in the Road - blunted drill effect, man. Unique music game.
Lords3 Catapult - a bit like summat I had on my Spectrum. But better. Catapult game.
Event Horizon - not a bit like the film. I'm crap at puzzlers.
Acno's Energizer - where's Rockford?
Samorost - point & click adventure. Mess your dreams up for life.
Crimson Room - another point-and-click puzzle. How much do you hate yourself?
Viridian Room - more polished than Crimson, grrrrrate!
Trial Bike Pro - very amusing stunt-bike simulator. Springy.
Plastic Balls - like Breakout. But circular. With a drain.
Whizzball - not like the Amstrad thingummy. Ballocks.
Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Java version of classic Spectrum text adventure. No saves.
Future Impact - can't remember what this is to be honest. Its been sitting on my homepage, untouched, for about 3 years. Probably not very good.
Shockwave - lots of lovelies - get thee to Defender. Or Inklink.
Keelhauling blog - OK, this guy seems to know more about this stuff than me - you might as well just go here instead. Includes a very nice game directory.

I hope that that fulfills your web-game needs. And I hope that the links still work, though you might be better off if some of them don't... And remember, flash-heads - full-screen ahead, mofos.

Oh, and for the Kazaa'd-up Children of the Bittorrent revolution, I might as well clunkily throw in Uncle Starbuck's Recommended Free Game Download list.
Tsunami 2010 - best thing ever - its Tempest 2k (with the right music MOD downloads). Evening-sapping in-the-zone pschadelic gaming.
SpheresOfChaos - hectic asteroidalike. Colourful. Noisy.
Super Mario Pac - does exactly what it says on the tin. Crazily addictive.
Parsec47 - retro-modern vertical-scroller.
DX Ball 2 - yet another Arkanoidalike.
Sentry - Sentinel remake.
Klass of 99 - Bak 2 Skool, tarted up.
Head Over Heels - yet another Spectrum classic, polished beyond belief.
Uplink - Hacker simulator. Compulsive.
Tumiki Fighters - pastel-coloured side-scrolling shooter with a wreckage-attachment gimmick. Nice.

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