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[ Thursday, May 20, 2004 ]

Simply Annoying
Starbuck [17:33] Comments: 0 []
I've only been using Windows XP at work for a month or so now, but there is one thing that is really getting on my man-tits...

Those cursed default Windows Xp Logoff and Logon sounds that you get when you lock or unlock your workstation, damn them!

It all started as a minor niggle when I realised that they sound vaguely like notes from a Simply Red track ("Stars", I think it is). But reinforcement by repetition can have devastating effects on one's mind. And now, every time I reawaken my peacefully resting workstation, the terrible image of a crooning Mick Hucknall (not only the title-holder of The Most Annoying Man In Pop but also a strong contender as The Ugliest as well), looms to the forefront of my tortured mind...

Readers - simulate this for yourself by clicking on the following wav files whenever your hands approach or leave the keyboard: LOGOFF, LOGON. Repeat until insania sets in.

(Footnoted bah!: Putting this into words has reawakened my previous mental audio-torment - the Darkness incident - curse you God for making my internal jukebox this way!)

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