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[ Wednesday, May 26, 2004 ]

Starbuck [12:18] Comments: 0 []
I waxed lyrical about my early impressions of Google's Gmail service right at the start, and a month later, I'm utterly hooked.

Its just so damn SLEEK and SEXY!

I'm not just talking about those pared-down good looks and those clever javascript tricks that make it feel more GUI than website. Its the way that it automatically collates all of those emails in a "conversation" (that's "thread" to non-Google employees), rather than cluttering your Inbox with shite (as most of my emails tend to be). Click on the Conversation, and it'll display all of the emails, both Sent and Received, in a stack like a deck of playing cards. I'd reckoned on it being a gimmick at first, but now I find it indespensible.

And call me a sad information-obsessed geek, but I am very much enjoying those oh-so-controversial "targetted adverts", as they reveal the meta-data that makes up my cybernetic interface, or something. I never click through on normal adverts, from banner ads to Google AdWords. However, somehow these personalised ads have drawn me in a couple of times now. For example, I was chatting about the BBC's Hound of the Baskervilles production t'other day, and GMail served up a tasty link to the Beeb's HotB website. Though fellow testee Tam failed to drum up any links with an email containing "Fuck terrorists XXX download pr0n Dubya cows Viagrax". Shame.

Current Gmail testers have each been granted two invitations to invite others onto the service, and there are already hundreds of these being auctioned off at eBay, so as a special offer to regular VSX readers, please place any bids via the Comments link above. The starting price for you, my special friends, is a bargain-basement £500 sterling. Plus administrative charges.

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