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[ Wednesday, August 18, 2004 ]

Too much sensory information
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Crikey, I just can't stand it anymore! There's been building work going on just outside my window for the last few weeks, and its all getting too much. It sounds like there's an episode of Robot Wars being filmed out there - a cacocophony of searing angle-grinders, metallic hammering, and Craig Charles' contagious laugh (though I may have imagined that last element). I reckon that Sir Killalot and co must be stealthily concealing themselves behind a parked van whenever they see me silhouette appear in the window...

Works been fairly hasslesome today, so I was looking forward to my lunch break even more than usual. However my haven of peace by the lake was cruelly disturbed by bread-starved wildfowl - ducks, moorhens and Canada geese, all wanting a piece of my spring-roll action. For lunch-time annoyances, see also: drizzle.

"Still", I thought grumpily to myself, "at least I've not had to see that annoying couple of love-birds". The couple in question are a man, looking for all the world like a posh heavy metal biker teddy-boy (if you can such a crossbreed - think Rod from Eastenders with a a bit of Neo and Showaddywaddy about him), and a girl very much of the gothic extraction, all long hair and black/purple robes. Their natural habitat is the path by the lake, where they hold themselves in a tight clench for hours at a time, lost in deep snog. I always feel very uncomfortable passing these creatures by, and I often wonder whether they spend all their time like this, or just their lunch times.

Anyway, walking back across the site towards my building, I glanced over at one of cars parked by the side of the road. AND THE LOVE-BIRDS WERE GETTING IT ON IN ONE OF THE CARS, IN THE MOST PUBLIC OF PUBLIC PLACES! The day just gets more and more annoying! I guess I shouldn't have been suprised...

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