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[ Thursday, September 30, 2004 ]

"I want to be a tree"
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I'm a couple of days back from a long weekend in the Lake District, though it wasn't flicking long enough that's for sure - and I'm sure that a couple of weeks have somehow bled across into the two oh-so-busy days at work.

Still, the holiday has left me feeling extremely reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllaxed... zzzzzz.... grunt.

It was just what I needed. Just myself and my girlfriend and the most amazing scenery (oh, and endless stomach-fulls of good food and ale). And now, if I shut my eyes or pause my mental stream for just a few moments then I'm straight back there, as clear in my mind's eye as when the photons were carressing my retinas. I see wild fells and quaint villages, cloud-topped mountains and mist-shrouded valleys, I see winding turbulent streams and lakes stretching to vanishing point, weatherbeaten brown bracken and hardy trees (ah, the bracken and the trees - we were lucky to visit Lakeland just as Autumn was wreaking its changes across the flora, treating us to a mosaic of colours worthy of Monet). I see rocks strewn across valleys by the hydraulic forces of nature, and I see the spines of distant dry stone walls snaking like tree roots up and over mountaintops. I see cows and sheep. Oh yes, so many sheep - hopefully this'll help me with my sleep problems.

I've been to a lot of beautiful places in the world, but this holiday has brought home that you don't have to travel anywhere exotic to experience sights that can really match anywhere.

It's just a shame that so many people just don't open their eyes. Open yourself up to your surroundings - just stand there and STUDY your environs for minutes at a time - and you'll get some valuable insight about the world and your true place within it. Insignificance is bliss.

Just for the record, we based ourselves in Ambleside like the big tourists that we are, in a nice B&B within the sound of Stock Ghyll Force (which, for all you soft Southern shites, is Northern for "waterfall"), near the foot of Wansfell Pike. Walks included the aforementioned Pike (stunning panoramic views, including the full length of Lake Windemere), Ambleside to Grasmere via Loughrigg Terrace (click HERE if you are in the unlikely position of giving it a go yourself tomorrow), the incredible landscapes surrounding Blea Tarn, etceterbleedinra.

But enough of my weedy words - I'll throw you dogs a few photographic bones once they've been developed.

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