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[ Sunday, January 30, 2005 ]

Spend-free Sunday
Starbuck [14:03] Comments: 0 []
Lor lummy, as me ole mucker Jamie Oliver might put it, its been a right old painful two days in the bread department for an old skinflint such as I. So today I shall not spend a penny. Indeed, I have even gone over to my parents house so as to use their electricity to write this.

My painfully-made purchases have been this:

2 x vegetable spring roll (£1.19)
1 x bottle of wine plus 4 cans of cheap-brand lager (just under a tenner)
1 x Brasseye DVD (£10)
3 x pints of San Miguel and 3 x small glasses of red wine (£15.60)
15 x white Longiflorum Lilies, boxed & delivered from John Lewis (£25)
1 x dinner for two at Pizza Express by way of engagement anniversary celebration (shared price of £47); incidentally, a blog CAN be a valuable resource - I printed off THESE TWO entries that had recorded the whole engagement thang and read them out in the restaurant - how romantic!
1 x 256MB Sony Memory Stick Pro (£40something)
1 x honeymoon (£1100)

Luckily Tesco had sold out of the new Chemical Brothers album - that might have pushed me over the edge...

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