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[ Wednesday, January 28, 2004 ]

Starbuck's marry-time adventure
Starbuck [19:21] Comments: 0 []
Well, my years of Sega Rally 2 addiction have paid off, as I powerslide across glassy roads of ice, and plow through drifts of crunchy snow. My aim - to get home as fast as my little Peugeot could take me.

The reason for such reckless motoring abandon?

I have something very special to give to my girlfriend. (No, not that!)

Something I've been wanting to ask her for a long time.

Something that'll bring us even closer. Something exciting.

A clue for anyone who knows the one whom DJ Tim monickered "LL" ("Little/lovely L")... next time you see her, look at her ring. (No, not that ring! What's wrong with you people?)

If on the very off-chance anyone who knows her reads this beforehand, please keep schtum until I give the word. Its still a secret...

My visceral nervous system is feeling that extreme-excitement-nervousness-sensation. Butterflies in the tummy and that. But lovely, big, beautiful, joyous butterflies, rather than crappy dust-enshrouded moths.

So in a few minutes we're off to Pizza Express, that least romantic of places in which to ask someone to marry you. (Y'see, it was a Pizza Express where we both realised that we couldn't keep our feelings for each other from showing, where we both saw that we were more than just friends...)

So I type as I wait for her to come downstairs. C'mon, woman, how longs it take to get ready? (Pah - I'm getting that most-married bad attitude all ready!)

Wish me luck...

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