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[ Tuesday, February 01, 2005 ]

Advice to the newly engaged
Starbuck [16:04] Comments: 0 []
Speaking as one who knows, the help and support of your immediate family can be incredibly useful when one is undergoing the convoluted process of organising a wedding.

However, he says tactfully venting his spleen without naming any offending parties, think long and hard as to whether it may be wiser to keep everything under your own control and not let any the "well-meaning" to have any outside interference - if the "adults" are too used to controlling their "children", they may not always be too willing to listen to what you might yourself have to say. Or so I've heard.

Apparently the tradition is for minimal input from the bride and groom into the wedding, or so the excuse goes. However very often tradition just shackles us to old-fashioned, outdated ways of think. We've tried to progress past that and to an extent we've succeeded to keep alot of things for ourselves. However sometimes sticking points on what should be trivial matters end up not-so trivial. On reflection I would have preferred to have paid for everything ourselves. Then it would be 100% OUR wedding, and the the holders of the pursestring shackles have the rope to leave you feeling stifled and suffocated.

Weddings ARE about family. But they're more about the celebration of life, of all your family and friends, as focussed through the lens of a lovely and happy couple. They are not about prestige.

So stand your ground with your wedding, newly-engaged friends. The day is about yourselves, not about the glorification of your dynasties. And that goes for any non-Carringtons out there as well...

(Spleen now tactfully vented, following a recent run-in!)

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