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[ Friday, June 24, 2005 ]

Primal fear
Starbuck [10:16] Comments: 0 []
It's funny the things that get us human beings pumping Adrenaline.

I had to sprint to my car this morning soundtracked by mighty cracks of thunder, as a true Matrix Revolutions-style downpour was building in power, scouring the Midlands of dust. Pulling away from the kerb, the road a torrent of water, my car sluicing through the run-off like a jetski cutting through a swell.

What a rush. It reminded me of The Box webgame, something that on the face of it shouldn't be exciting but works on the most primeval level - keeping your quadrilateral avatar away from the ever-growing series of "enemy" boxes guided by the simplest of pathfinding routines. Being just a breath away from "danger", its the same rush as tig (or tag).

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