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[ Friday, September 08, 2006 ]

Wildlife and washing
Starbuck [13:12] Comments: 0 []
My old amphibious friend Mr Froad (frog or toad, they're all the same to me...) was back in the garage this morning, looking miserable as anything. Well, YOU would look miserable if you lived your entire existence covered in dirt and engine oil. Just look at Gary from EastEnders.

My webbed and tailless friend look direly in need of a wash.

Much like my car, after nature got its own back yesterday, when a fat dopey pigeon flew into my windscreen. To be fair it must've flown sideways, that or I might have driven into it mid-flight. That said, hadn't it seen Catch The Pigeon? It's perfectly possible for birds of the Columbidae family to fly forwards whilst having their heads turned sideways, towards a TV viewer or incoming car, for example...

Anyway, I've now got a nasty grey smear of greasy dust from the disease harbourer splattered across my windscreen.

And whilst I'm chronicling the chorinically mundane, my car has started letting in floods of water around the accelarator pedal when I put it through the car wash. Is that supposed to happen...?

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