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[ Friday, October 06, 2006 ]

Arthur Lymphatic Make-up (from the Hormone Hell OST)
Starbuck [13:17] Comments: 0 []
[interior; seated]

I woke up in the morning
Wiped my hands across my face
Took a look in the mirror
Everything's looking out of place
Took a little shower
Drank coffee from a champagne flavoured cup
But before I put on my clothes
I put on my Arthur Lymphatic make-up

[scene cuts to the grounds of Arthur's mansion, as the longful transvestite skips through the gardens, stopping occasionally to smell the flowers]

[repeat first verse]

Arthur Lymph
You make me feel like a nymph
Dancing naked through a facial paradise
Arhur Lymph
A legend in his own life-time

Arthur Lymph
You make me feel like a symph-
ony, playing on and on right throught the ni-ay-ight
Right through the night

(take it to the bridge now)
Oh sit yourself at my 'round table'
Kiss my lips if you are able
We'll make dermatological luuuuurve
Right through the night
That's right
Oh yeah...

[SP bounds off into the distance]
Lyrics: Princess Valium
Music: Princess Valium, Commander Aardvark, Starbuck Powersurge, Durm Chamine, Older Broady, Older Broady's Mate

Arthur Lymphatic Makeup is a beautiful paean to longing, hope and manipulation, as Starbuck's character presents his audition tape for the competition that would change his life forever - the prize being a weekend at Lymphatic's country mansion for the launch of his top secret new product, a make-up that will be a dermatological fountain of youth. However the transvestite Powersurge has more earthy intentions for the weekend...

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